Air Travel Comforts

Air travel has become increasingly stressful in recent times due to heightened security and safety measures. It’s my pleasure to share with you some air travel tips that have put the comfort and enjoyment back into air travel for me!

Arriving Early

Arriving early at the airport is the most beneficial stress remover in air travel. When you are faced with a 6:00AM flight, its difficult to get up an extra half hour in order to be early at the airport. Be sure to book a cab or Uber for a specific appointment to avoid a taxi not picking you up on time. If you are driving, and utilizing a Jet-Park facility, ensure you are familiar or have checked ahead on drop off procedures and schedules. By traveling early, you allow for construction and traffic delays. Arriving early at the terminal beats the line-ups at the airline check in kiosks and counters. The same applies to Security process, arriving early avoids the frustration of standing in long line-ups. Once through the screening, you now can relax, with a cup of coffee and something to eat, and enjoy the day.

My Family adopts the habit of proceeding directly to the departure gate to eliminate concerns about its location, distances from the food court, gate changes, and then wander back for food, and washrooms. By the time boarding is announced, you will be well relaxed and prepared for the flight ahead.

Trip Planning List

For myself, a planning list applies for a trip around the world and a short domestic flight. An all encompassing list includes pre-trip planning details, what documents to take, clothing to pack and wear, travel accessories to be included, book rides to and from airports, arrange travel funds and foreign currencies, and even the details of closing your household premises while your away. My family and myself keeps a pre-prepared planning spreadsheet and upon initiation of a trip, our first step is to pull up the planner well in advance, and adapt it for the particular trip. For those that wing-it the night before departure, can be assured of the many benefits of starting from a checklist and methodically checking off the details one by one prior to leaving. If you are like me, I get up in robot mode and am incapable of attempting to remember details of packing and trip organization on the way out the door.

By the time we get on an airplane even at an early hour, we want to feel at ease and comfortable all details have been executed accordingly to our prior planning list. I will be supplying in a later document, a sample copy of a Planner List that we regularly use and is available for your trip adaption,

My family always packs a paper copy of documents. Although everyone relies on the electronic wallet, carry a paper copy in case your battery dies, your phone is defunct or you lose your phone. As well we keep a secured paper backup copy of hotel reservations, passports, nexus in case we lose the originals and have a place to start.

Going Through Security

The screening process can be stressful prior to your flight,  and in order to minimize your frustrations consider these tips I use.

– Liquids: attempt to put most of your (100ml and under) liquids in your packed luggage if you are checking baggage, so that you don’t have to handle them during security, Otherwise any liquids being carried in your hand luggage should be in a clear plastic bag for easy access.

– Pocket and Personal Contents: remove coins, pen, earbuds, wallet, watch and cell phone to your personal carry bag prior to arriving at security so that your bag can go thru screening without handling these items.

– Laptop: If you choose to bring along a laptop, have easy access to it for removal from your carry bag, so that you don’t have to remove other packed items to get to it.

– Footwear: Choose comfortable and flat sole shoes as appropriate. Shoes that contain no steel can generally be left on and slip-ons save time with no laces. Flat sole shoes also provide comfort for long distance airport walking and are easy to slip off and on during your air flight.

– Sweaters and Coats: I wear loose fitting tops for quick and easy removal during screening. Loose tops along with belt can be removed quickly and put on again by the time your personal bag goes thru the screening line.

– Joint Replacement Implants: If you are subject to metal implants such as head plates, knee, elbow and hip replacements, you should consider carrying a medical card of which you will present to the screening agent prior to processing, which will save you time. .


There are pros and cons of checking a bag. For longer trips you may not have a choice but will need to pack a bag, in which case, a suitcase with good spinner wheels is a good choice to navigate large airports and to and from airports. Pack as many things in your checked baggage that weight and space will allow, to save lugging extras through security.

Weight of your luggage is always a cause for stress. We keep a reliable compact electronic luggage scale, and for starters weigh all the bags while packing and before they leave the house. When you arrive at the airport you will be confident to know your luggage is not over weight, and take the scale along for the ride so that you can confirm the weights for the return flights.

If you are fortunate enough to be able to contain all your belongings in permissible carry on luggage, you may consider taking the airline up on their offer of receiving your bag at the gangway to be handled for you during the flight and ready to pickup on departure from the plane. This allows for the comfort of luggage free travel on the plane without the hassles of crowded overhead bins.

On non-direct flights and particularly more than one stop, there is always more chance that baggage doesn’t reach connecting flights. Consequently, carry on baggage is a plus if you can manage it.

Pick Your Seat

To be comfortable on your air flight, it is important to be selective of your seat. For claustrophobic people like myself, we need to pick the aisle seat. If you are tired and plan to sleep, then you will pick the window seat where you will not be disturbed. If you are interested in the scenery, you can ask ahead which side will allow you the best views at the window seat. If you have tight connections or are in a hurry to meet deadlines at your destination, then you will want to pick a seat near the front to be off first. Consider an aisle seat so you will not disturb your adjoining passengers if you wish to be active and get up and down more often.

Not everyone has the budget for business class, first class and premium economy. Money can be well spent to upgrade seats even in the economy section for very little more to obtain the extra knee space whether it be near the front or at the emergency exits. A little extra space can allow you to get a better rest.

Activity during the flight can assist in your arriving rested. I always try to move around, considering seat belt signs and dodging service trollies. Walk up and down the aisles and do a few stretches here and there as space allows to keep your muscles limber.

Pack With Accessories

What we pack with us will either burden us down with extra carry on or will enhance our airplane trip.

– bring a collapsible water flask to fill in the airport and keep hydrated.

– buy some fresh food and snacks in the airport so you are not forced to eat the pretzels and cookies.

– bring some alternate entertainment along so you have some choices to include a book, magazine, earbuds for the movie, crosswords, electronic games, cards. Switching out activities passes the time more pleasantly.

– if you can get some sleep bring along an eye mask,  earplugs, a blanket to keep warm and a favorite travel pillow

– dress for air travel with comfort to include stretch clothing, a top sweater layer to remove or put on for comfort and shoes you can easily remove.

– Bring along a compression pair of socks which keeps your circulation regulated during flight, and warm at the same time.

– Once your in the air, you will lose access to travel health aids. Carry on Tylenol, Advil, Gravol to combat any travel ailments you may encounter.

– On longer flights I bring along a compact toothbrush and paste. Prior to landing utilize them to feel normal and fresh before landing.

Travel in Comfort and Arrive Rested

Wether we are traveling for business for pleasure, we all have the same objective of getting the best out of air travel. By using some stress reduced travel tips, we can use prepare early to enhance our travel time. While we cannot control airline and government regulations, we can prepare ahead,for packing content, and how we engage in the air flight, to determine how we will enjoy a more comfortable flight. It is my wish that I can pass on these simple air travel techniques and tips, so that you too may gain the benefits of stress free and comfort air travel. I look forward to your comments and future additions to comfort travel.

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