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I am Dale, founder of the Tipstogotravel website and promoter of travel conveniences. I have traveled to various parts of the world over the last number of years, and have suffered many of the hardships of uncomfortable travel. I have learned to combat many of these hardships through the adoption of travel techniques and tips and the use of travel products and accessories. As I get older, I appreciate being able to apply these conveniences that make my travel more enjoyable and welcome the opportunity of passing on these tips to you.

I would like to provide you with some of my travel background and what my story is.

I Have Suffered From The Hardships Of Travel Inconveniences….

I took my first big trip to Europe when I was 15 years old. Having grown up in a rural setting, I was totally unprepared for the aggravations of traveling with no advantages. Although this first trip was conducted on a shoe string budget and included packed bulk rice and macaroni and a propane burner, a skimpy sleeping bag, I learned a lot. Years later, traveling Europe now includes point upgrades, travel tips and accessories to make the trip more enjoyable.

We all understand that travel is a luxury in many circles, and adhering to a travel budget is a necessary part of our lives. What we can control is how we travel and what we get for our money. I have had enough of cramped airline seats, pretzels, aches and pains, fatigue, jet lag, extreme cold and hot travel surroundings, overpriced food, lineups, inflated auto rentals and on and on.

We Can All Attain Safe And Comfortable Travel.

I still have the desire to travel, so it is important to me to incorporate travel tips, utilize travel accessories to remain on a budget, stayed rested, take advantage of local surroundings to more fully enjoy my trip.

Over a long period, I have learned some tips in the industry, that not only saves money, but elevates us above the common traveler’s experiences Also I have learned how we prepare for the trip and what you pack for your trip can be a burden or a pleasure. How we travel and what conveniences we utilize will determine our enjoyment.

My Goal Is For Fellow Travelers To Experience Enjoyment In Travel.

So if you too have the travel bug, it is my goal to assist you in identifying some tips to make your travel more enjoyable and with more ease. Some tips may be common sense but we often fail to take advantage of them, while others may identify some unknown travel information and others may identify some unfamiliar travel accessories.

Also, it is my intention that whether you be a first time traveler, an occasional traveler, or a seasoned traveler, that these tips may assist in getting you on the right track, or helping you develop an organized travel routine, or perhaps confirm some travel advice you’ve already proven.

It should be noted that travel comfort does not necessarily mean spending more money, but to spend your existing budget in the right places. If your taste includes some luxury determine how we can obtain upgrades as part of our plan. We all have different travel interests and destinations, however we all travel to our destinations in similar modes of transportation and it is up to us to be the most prepared to enjoy the conveniences and comfort that is available in the travel industry.

I hope you will enjoy participating in my website whether it is your objective to start traveling, or enhance you existing travel methods. I welcome any queries and most of all I will appreciate hearing from you with some of your travel experiences.

Nice to make your acquaintance and I look forward to promoting safe and enjoyable travel with you.

With Pleasure

Dale Andrews

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